Type II/#T190: Alexia Sarah Tourel

Tourel, Alexia Sarah - Jewess, 01Alexia Sarah, French Jewess, and here a Profile in Jewishness. To repeat: in France, a country half-occupied by Nazi Germany between June 1940 and November 1942, and entirely occupied from November ’42 through June 1944, and despite the mythic Holocaust, no less than 90% (c. 300,000) of the native citizen French Jews (c. 330,000) survived un-deported. Of course this might have something to do with the fact that the first and only mass deportation – carried out in July, 1942, involved the c. 25,000 Jews of Paris…precisely the capital city stratum wherefrom the Nazis in other European countries derived their collaborative Zionist Judenr├Ąt, other associated Jewish bureaucracies, community lists, and Jewish police to carry out the round-ups. And without which, in France (see also: Italy, Denmark), the “holocaust” promptly stopped happening. It’s fortunate for Zion-in-Palestine that “American” Jews aren’t aware of facts like this…lest money, weapons, and political support for “Israel” dry up overnight