Type II/#S186: Marianne Sarah Binion

Binion, Marianne Sarah - Jewess, ns1Marianne Sarah, a contemporary “German” (i.e., living in Germany) Jewess, is seen here engaged in profound reflection on her own naked Jewishness. She has remarkably big tits and large, dramatically-marked nipples, but the Khazar facial features are rather rounded and attenuated; perhaps more evident in the profile shot than in the mirror’d facial. And thus a fairly high-number T/II specimen of her race. The current Jewish -population of Deutschland is, incidentally, c. 100,000: well-down from the pre-1933 peak of about 800,000*. These Jews are, however and as per usual, concentrated in the power institutions: mass media, law, academia, high finance, and government itself. And so woe to anyone who refuses to subscribe to the operative state religion: Holocaustianity. Dissent, and you will be fined tens of thousands of Euros and imprisoned for years. 

*most of the -700,000 were not, BTW, holocaust’d. Post-1933, with the advent of an anti-Jewish regime, most German Jews simply self-deported: to other European countries, to North and South America, and many to Palestine by way of the Nazi-Zionist Transfer Agreement. By 1939, no more than 250,000 non-aryanized Jews remained in Germany/Austria. Of the aryanized Jews, more than 150,000 served in the German military during WW2.