Type II/#R174: Amy Sarah Levin

Levin, Amy Sarah - Jewess, Judeo'feminist'
Levin, Amy Sarah - Jewess, ns1half-Red/half Zionist Judeo-“feminist” tells all: weddings, marriage, children for Jews: good. For the goyim, Whites in particular: bad, very bad: “heteronormative”, “capitalist”, “blood diamonds” (as to the latter, we’ll simply point out that the diamond racket – artificial scarcity, with sky-high prices maintained through slick advertising in kosher MSM – is an international Jewish monopoly).  And thanks also, Amy Sarah, for another direct confession of the Tribe’s anti-White genocide agenda, now well – advanced. As for the subversive Jewess itself, quite a bit of prior-generation genetic capture evident, though there is that explosive Nose.