Type II/#Q160: Linda Sarah Freid

Freid, Linda Sarah 02

Freid, Linda sarah 04

Freid, Linda Sarah 01Linda Sarah, a 1960’s kosher pinup nude, and here a triple B-girl: big tits, bare ass’d, and black leather boots…in a shot with heavy S& M loading: spanking, sodomy, and variations thereon, are indeed a frequent erotic desire on the part of the archetypal guilt-burdened, punishment-seeking, sadomasochistic Jewess. See for instance Brett Sarah Singer, Footstool in Heaven (NY, 1986), Jessica Sarah Benjamin, The Bonds of Love (NY, 1992), and Daphne Sarah Merkin’s confessional Dreaming of Hitler (NY, 1997), pp. 49-69. According to Jew author Norman Mailer – writing from considerable direct experience – many femmeJews cannot climax without being Dutch-doored, that is, penetrated normally…and then thoroughly sodomized; in this connection read his insightful short story, “The Time of her Time”, in Mailer, The Time of Our Time (NY, 1998), pp. 318-342.