Type II/#P159: Pauline Sarah Wine-Vilner

Wine-Vilner, Pauline SarahStumbled upon this one, and no other shots seen so far. Non-buxom, but the source ID + Jewish facial features (with an interesting, somewhat retro, 1940’s self-presentation) + calm, shameless display of raw sexuality make of the Wine-Vilner a well-vectored TII specimen of her race. Pauline Sarah might also bring to mind any one of hundreds of young Jewish housewives that could have been seen on the streets of the Lublin city ghetto on November 2nd, 1943, just out for a walk or perhaps buying some groceries at a food stand; and who the next day, in an event equally routine and banal, found themselves trotting naked to an execution pit outside the adjacent Maidanek labor camp during the “Harvest Festival” liquidation. These executions – 42,000 Jews and Jewesses from several camps had to be shot over a two-day span – having nothing to do with a purported “final solution” of the European Jewish problem, and everything to do with a legitimate, tit-for-tat reprisal to the August, 1943 Zionist (Churchill-ordered) fire-bombing of Hamburg during which some 42,000 German civilian men, women, and children had been killed; and a more proximate and equally legitimate response to the fact the Jewish inmates in the Lublin district labor camps had been caught stockpiling weapons and in contact with communist partisans operating in the area.