Type II/#P152: Jessica Sarah Sanders

Sanders, Jessica Sarah 001

“ever wonder what’s be like” to be a malicious Jewess making malignant, mendacious propaganda flicks whose real purpose it is to aim murderous Blacks at Whites? You’d “win prizes” at the “Sundance Film Festival” and get your picture in the Santa Barbara News-Press (11 May, 2006, p. D3). But then you’d have to be a real smart Jewess like Jessica Sarah and – lookit that sly, smug facial expression – spend your time playing “gotcha!” games, manufacturing “anti-semitism”, and then playing the victim of “anti-semitism”. Probably not worth it. Unless you’re a Jew. Just for the record, every year in Jew-ruled ‘murika, c. 25,000 people are murdered (for every Black killed by a White, 12 Whites are killed by Blacks; and 20 Blacks by other Blacks)* and each and every year 2/3 of the murderers go scot-free, while the rest, via the plea-bargain and other Talmudic tricks, serve an average of 5 years in prison before being turned loose, many to rob, rape, and kill again…and so manufacture more business for our kosher crime lobby legal system: Jew law professors, Jew lawyers, Jew judges, and 50 other varieties of Parasite. As for ‘murika’s horrendous “death penalty”, no more than one murderer out of 5,000 is ever executed, and that only after 30 years of Jewish and Jew’ized lawyers running back and forth to the bank while running “appeals”.  As to the “DNA evidence” cooked up by Jessica Sarah and the “Innocence Project”, it’s just remarkable that the same evidence – the victims’ blood spattered all over his gloves and his car – couldn’t convict Orenthal J. Simpson when he butchered a White couple

*Black males “of a certain age”, though comprising only 4% of the population, do c. 70% of the violent crime – robbing, raping, face-smashing, murdering – in ‘murika. This is partly due to genetic issues – Blacks are the stupidest of all ethnicities and lack impulse control – but mostly due to the purposeful destruction of Black values, Black families, and Black community by the Jew-forced welfare/illfare state. Looking at the smoking ruin that is urban Black ‘murika today, it’s hard to believe that Blacks once had essentially the same values – and stronger families (lower divorce rate) than Whites – but this is the case. Now?  Blacks have been reduced to a herd, a demoralized, Jew-manipulated Entitlement Group being used as a lethal weapon against the Whites