Type II/#L116: Roz Sarah Dvorkin

Dvorkin, Rosalind Sarah - Jewess, ns2

Dvorkin, Rosalind Sarah - Jewess, ns1although they infest academia, media, politics, and government bureaucracy, Jewesses are rarely encountered in athletic pursuits, possibly due to a frequent too-high center of gravity. But Kosher co-ed Roz Sarah’s an exception, as seen here at a try-out for the Stanford U. varsity volleyball team; note the sharp contrast between the dusky undertone of her skin compared to the much lighter-complexioned Nordic femme in the background. Alas, though this Jewish girl’s ability to stretch spandex excited universal applause, Dvorkin still failed to make the team: too short, too Jewish. Below, unhappy Hebrew heads home…

Dvorkin, Rosalind Sarah - Jewess, ns3…her photos do, however, have a certain historical resonance. During the 1943 liquidation of the Jewish ghetto at Riga, Latvia (Ehrenburg and Grossman, Black Book [NY, 1981], p. 317), young Jewesses like Roz Sarah, while waiting to be shot, entertained their own executioners by playing volleyball in the nude.