Type II/#L114: Helene Sarah Chilf

Chilf, Helene Sarah - Jewess, stripped for executionan intimate photo of a naked, buxom French Jewess, apparently taken by a guard, a few moments before her execution…this during the liquidation of the Jewish labor camp at Trawnicki, in the Lublin district of eastern Poland, on 4 November, 1943. In view of the fact that she is about to be shot, the Jewess’s calm, resigned attitude is remarkable; evidently Helène Sarah understood that her drastic situation was simply the ultimate, negative fulfillment of her own Jewishness. The liquidation of the camp at Trawnicki  (plus the adjacent large Jewish labor camps at Poniatowa and Maidanek, a.k.a. Aktion Erntefest or “Harvest Festival”), and during which some 42,000 male and female prisoners had to be shot over a 2-day span, was in fact the most concentrated anti-Jewish operation carried out in Europe during WW II. But the Harvest Festival drama had nothing to do with any Zion-asserted,  programmatic “final solution” of Europe’s Jewish problem. In part, these executions were a delayed “tit-for-tat” reprisal (demanded by Goebbels in a public speech) for the 42,000 German civilians – mostly women and children – massacred during the Zionist-instigated (via Churchill)/RAF fire-bombing of Hamburg the previous August, and were finally authorized by Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler in late October as a preemptive security measure only after the Jews in these camps were caught stockpiling weapons and ammunition…in an attempt to bait local communist partisans into attacking the camps. The Jewess’s physical condition – well-groomed and in obvious good health – is also significant, and gives the lie to Zionist propaganda about “starved, emaciated camp inmates”; the photos showing such having been almost entirely taken postwar, long after the food supply to the various concentration and labor camps had broken down under the impact of Allied bombing and the general chaos of war’s end. And Chilf’s inmate status is confirmed by one of the camp documents, a 3 November 1943, final roll-call of the Trawnicki Jewish office-staff:

Chilf, Helene Sarah - Jewess, Trawnicki doc 001Source: Grabitz, Helge and Wolfgang Scheffler, Letzte Spuren – Ghetto Warschau, SS-Arbeitslager Trawnicki, Aktion Erntefest (Berlin, 1988), p. 261. Which incidentally provides the names of  15 other Jewesses – Johanna Aschner, Joan Ajzenberg, Roza Dannenstein, Ilse Friedlander, Lisolotte Heine, Klara Herbst, Elizabeth Hirsch, Alice Reichmann, Minka Segal, Franziska That, Zofja Abramowicz, Chana Batley, Babette Pollak, Gizela Szpiegelglas, and Ariela Adler – who also went to the execution pit on 4 November, 1943.