Type II/#L111: Liat Sarah Broidman

Broidman, Liat Sarah - Jewess, ns1while much is made of the female IDF component, such Jewesses are not used in frontline combat…other than, fr’instance, using remote-controlled weapons to murder Palestinian women and children who stray too near the barbed-wire border fence in the Gaza free-fire zone/concentration camp. In the lovely Liat Sarah’s case, probably a good thing. Were she to be captured by, say, a Hamas militia unit, this arrogant Jew-Princess might be obliged to shed  her (U.S. taxpayer-financed) uniform and spend some quality time naked, arms tied behind her back, facing north, and doubled over a low horizontal with a long line of (as the Zionists call them) sandniggers waiting just south for a quick poke at this or that orifice.