Type II/#K106: Gloria Sarah Steinem

wiki - list of Jewish feminists

Steinem, Gloria Sarah - Jewess, ns1

the Steinem: actually, quite “gendered”


Steinem, Gloria Sarah - Jewess, ns3

the Steinem: now hardleft, Judeo-“feminist” agitator…but still (astonishingly) gendered. Particularly so if Gloria Sarah hikes that mini-skirt up any further…

Steinem, Gloria Sarah - Jewess, ns5 001here we see the Jewess Steinem – noisy Judeo-“feminist” luminary – in early, middle, and late incarnations: as Playboy Club bunny (Gloria Sarah later claimed she was “researching the oppression of women”…actually, she did it for the money); then middle-aged hardLeft apparatchick; and then as aged, barren kosher banshee, still cranking out venemous, “egalitarian” (tho seat prices range from $70 to $15), anti-life, anti-male, and anti-White reproduction propaganda, as per “there will be no gender”. Here’s a better idea for the human future: there will be no Jews. Imagine: a world without bloody Judeo-communist revolutions and Zionist wars; a world without the Kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism; a world with a real economy of work and wealth, instead of the current $200 trillion Central Jewbank manipulated global debtPonzi; a world of nations – including White Nations – instead of the current Judeo-globalist, White genociding open-borders House of Horrors. It can be done, amigo. Now, in Gloria Sarah’s defense, we have to admit two countervailing vectors. First, quite a number of other Judeo-“feminists”, in their memoirs and reminiscences, have noted how – at various Jew York City upper Westside cocktail parties over the years – the Steinem, invariably and always, picked out the dominant alpha male intellec’shul and spent the rest of the evening fluttering around him (see also: Playboy Bunny). And it is fact that, in her late middle age and to the great consternation of other Judeo-feministas and childless cat-ladies, Gloria Sarah got married. To a (Jewish) M-A-N. Alas, the poor guy dropped dead after a couple months. Maybe you can figure out why.