Type II/#J99: Lynn Sarah Mermelstein

 Lynn Sarah Mermelstein

Lynn Sarah, a young, buxom New York Jewess, seen here during an anti-Israel demonstration: the universalist Left/Socialist revolution-mongering and particularist Right/Zionist war-mongering tentacles of the Tribal octopus do disagree on the proximate issue of Jewish racial nationalism, though not on the ultimate end-Regime: a global, police-State socialist/crony capitalist Gulag run by Jews in a world where the White race is no more. In addition to the signature, aversive head-turn and other ethnic features – big tits, full, spade-shaped lips, long, upshot jawline, dusky undertone to the skin – note how the sly Jewess uses her rampant sexuality to emphasize her politics: cleavage highlighted with paint and, just above, the words “no Ahava”. Ahava, it seems, is a cosmetics company operating in the “occupied territories”, that is, the West Bank vicinity of the Jordan River seized by Zion suring the 1967 War. Actually, though all neo-con and many liberal Jews would disagree, all of “Israel” is occupied Palestinian territory. So we can at least concede to the lovely Lynn Sarah a certain raw courage: for by throwing over Zion-in-Palestine, she reduces her own final options to the Summit or the Abyss – the traditional, Jewish-universalist Tikkun Olam…or a naked sprint to the execution pit. In the meantime, consider these other Red Jewesses documented in the present study: Baltzer, Anna Sarah; Stein, Susan Sarah; Martin, Abby Sarah; Cotler, Stosh Sarah; etc.