Type II/#J98: Andi Sarah Dorfman

Dorfman, Andi Sarah - Jewess, bio
Dorfman, Andi Sarah - Jewess...face, rack, book
Dorfman, Andi Sarah - Jewess, Bachelorette troubles...
Dorfman, Andi Sarah - Jewess, Jewface

Dorfman, Andi Sarah 01
Dorfman, Andi Sarah 02
Dorfman, Andi Sarah 03smart, svelte, seductive ex-Atlanta Jew lawyer turned “reality TV” bim, then ex-Bachelor/Bachelorette, and later wandered to Jew York, as per the above puff piece by a co-ethnic, in $earch of Higher Thing$. Still more recently released a book (no doubt to be a “major motion picture”) detailing her quasi-sexual adventures in TV-land involving critters named “Juan Pablo” and “Josh Murray” et al….Uh, can anyone detect the multi-layers of “read the shocking…” kosherCrap un-reality here? Sure you can: lawyer-crap, TV-crap , crap-book, crap-movie. And now, back to bio-weapon reality. The Dorfman’s facial features are somewhat assimilated, but the racial-genetic-Ashkenazic high cheekbones, everted lips, and prideful, un-rhino’d nose are still evident, so we like the lovely Andi Sarah as a medium-high # Type II specimen of her race.