Type II/#J97: Francine Sarah Gottfried

Gottfried, Pauline Sarah - Jewess, ns2 - txt
Gottfried, Francine Sarah - Jewess, ns3 txt 02

Gottfried, Francine Sarah - Jewess, ns4
Gottfried, Pauline Sarah - Jewess, ns1
Gottfried, Francine Sarah - Jewess, ns5an archetypal episode from the sexual history of Jew York. Actually, by Tribal standards, there’s nothing all that unusual about the Gottfried’s cantilevered superstructure; during the several years I spent working in NYC, I encountered many a female Ashkenaz – both on Wall St. and along Madison Ave. – with bigger tits than this, and hung on a more slender frame. Don’t know why the breast-fixated kosher media made such a big deal about Francine Sarah, other than that she was from an “orthodox” Jewish background