Type III/#Z271: Margarita Sarah Levieva

Levieva, Margarita Sarah - Jew ID

during the early 1990’s, with the recrudescence of capitalist slavery in the former (((Socialist Paradise))), millions of persecuted Jews – hotly pursued by the evil Pharoh Yeltsin and his armies – fled to the Promised Land. Miraculously, the North Atlantic waters parted, permitting the Jews to trudge across to New York, Miami, and Hollywood,  and then closed over and drowned the profiteers. At this moment, however, at least 6 million other innocent Jews (Pussy Riot, Masha Gessen, and assorted Oligarchs) are still trapped in Pharoh Putin’s Russia and are appealing to their overseas brothers and sisters for deliverance from oppression. Can we refuse them? I think not. Even it means a new world war in which the remaining White population of the northern hemisphere will be massacred. After all, no price is too high when it comes “saving Jews”. And I’m not even going to mention the valuable free prizes.