Type III/#U205: Keli Sarah Sondheimer

Sondheimer, Keli Sarah - Jewess, SG girl w self-administered cc numberKeli Sarah, a Type III specimen of her race only by the relatively light pigmentation of her skin and nipples, is another member of the overwhelmingly Jewish, sado-masochistic, kosher Culture of Death “Suicide Girls” porn collective. She also shows well-marked ethno-facial features – note esp. the unrhinoplastied hooknose (click on pic to further enlarge) – and the Jewdar reacts equally strongly to her evasive/aversive psychological projection. We also like her tats, esp. the self-assigned concentration camp number. The Sondheimer is evidently a race-realist, and understands that, in a certain eventuality, she might find herself ¬†thus accomodated; not to quibble, but the number should/will appear over the Jewess’s left tit.¬†