Type III/#U202: Ariel Sarah Rabkin

Rabkin, Ariel Sarah - Jewess, ns1captured at a nude beach by an alert lensman – alright, the beach isn’t nude…but the Jewess is – ¬†meet Ariel Sarah. Type III by way of her natural, bronze-blond hair and light complexion; esp. those enormous pink nipples. ¬†Curdeled facial features, overhung nose + that everted lower lip, also registered strongly in the matter of her general Jewishness. And what else? Yes, the Rabkin has big tits. Very…big…tits. But, at least by Tribal standards, not remarkably so. Frankly, this one near short-circuited the Jewdar and broke the needle on the Jew-meter. We may have to re-calibrate. 9/8/17: another, better-focus’d shot of this over-endowed Jewess:

Rabkin, Ariel Sarah - Jewess, ns2