Type III/#T195: Helen Sarah Greenberg

Greenberg, Helen Sarah - Jewess, ns1Helen Sarah, sometime kosher co-ed at Columbia U. and intern @ a Madison Ave. ad agency, is seen here during office hours…in a sexually avid mood and pose, full nude with pink-nippled tits hanging pendant. This pigmentation, plus only mild Jewishness about her facial features – heavy eyebrows, slightly wolfish, everted lips – makes of her a middling Type III specimen of her race. The choker worn about the Greenberg’s neck suggests some S&M/B&D tendencies, also not uncommon among young Jewesses. Another, related racial vector: Helen Sarah’s defensive, off-center inclination of the head, motivated by her inner Chosen Person and its heavy burden of punishment-seeking guilt. 

Greenberg, Helen Sarah - Jewess, comment 01