Type III/#S181: Irena Sarah Lemkin

Lemkin, Irena Sarah

high-assed Irena Sarah enjoys another sunny day at the beach in Zionist-occupied Palestine, alias “Israel”…living high on America’s dime. Another day that sees Palestinians gunned down in East Jerusalem, run over by bulldozers on the West Bank, and slaughtered in the Gaza strip. You can help put an end to apartheid Israel by visiting and contributing @ Anna Sarah Baltzer’s site, http://endtheoccupation.com. Whatever will Irena Sarah do when the Zionist entity finally fades off the map? She can reverse-aliyah to Zionist-controlled America – as several million ex'”Israelis” have already done. There, instead of floating over a burgeoning reef of angry Arabs, she’ll be surrounded by a placid sea of brainwashed, adoring goyim. Where she’ll be safe