Type III/#R174: Anita Sarah Herzsfeld

Herszfeld, Anita Sarah 07

Herszfeld, Anita Sarah 01

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Herszfeld, Anita Sarah 03

a rather cryptic specimen of her race, this one almost flew under the Jewdar. Big tits and that split, everted lower lip created a faint blip on the screen, and ethnic ID confirmed when the name, which is her own, turned up. Currently active in ‘net-porn, the cool, almost sullen Anita Sarah is of Polish-Jew background. It continues to amaze how Jews, whose genetic lines were supposedly terminated during the WW II Euro-Jew catastrophe, keep turning upĀ  (as do “Holocaust survivors”, defying all known laws of natural chronology) in ever larger numbers with the passing years. Could it be that the statistical dimensions of the “Shoah” have been somewhat exaggerated? Perhaps by as much as 100%? That the “6,000,000” number is an incantation sanctified by endless, mind-numbing repetition? Yes, it could be…