Type III/#Q169: Claudia Sarah Welsziker, alias “Claudia Wells”

Welsziker, Claudia Sarah ns 1 - alias 'Wells'an almost obligatory part of the Hollywood initiation ritual – along with the kosher casting couch – is doing some porn before getting an actual, “legitimate” movie role…cf. the present case, in “Back to the Future”.  And Claudia Sarah was no exception, as witness this shot which is, understandably, not to be found on her current website “gallery”:

Welsziker, Claudia Sarah alias 'Wells'only a subtle Jewishness about the facial features (though more so in the brooding, intense publicity b/w shot), and non-buxom, but the Welsziker-alias-Wells does have another more obvious racial feature: the untrimmed, luxuriant muff