Type III/#P154: Cindy Sarah Margolis

Margolis, Cindy Sarah - remake 1
Margolis, Condy sarah - remake 2
Margolis, Cindy Sarah 02
Margolis, Cindy Sarah 03

Margolis, Cindy Sarah 012nd-echelon 1980’s ff. kosher model and actress, Cindy Sarah essayed cosmetic surgery in an effort to look less Jewish. Nose job, thinned eyebrows, and etc. Verdict: not too successful, esp. re the lips and tits. Since the turn-of-the-century, of course, with Jews now infesting and controlling every institution that matters, one sees less and less of this cosmetic effort at crypsis…while actual genetic camouflage, via in-and-out intermarriage with Nordic/AngloSaxons, still remains in vogue. Much to the dismay of certain Zionists, who (while decrying “White racism”) aspire toward a racially purer Judentum. On this matter, see our page on Bar Sarah Rafaeli.