Type III/#O148: Kimberly Sarah Strassel

Strassal, Kimberly Sarah - Jewess, ns2
Strassal. Kimberly Sarah - Jewess, ns1Kim Sarah is another illustration of the post-Reagan Jewish neo-con infestation and takeover of Conservatism Inc., and the ethno-reason why, for going on 40 years now, (((conservatives))) in ‘Murka and their cuckservative servants (less politely: shabbatz goyim) have conserved nothing…except for Israel-in-Palestine; every other economic, political, and cultural issue having been conceded to the (also overwhelmingly Jewish) so-called “Left”. From a pragmatic, operational ID viewpoint: note how in the second, more animated shot, the Strassel’s ethno-facial features, esp. the configuration of the lips, are even more evident. Overall, given her light complexion and natural, bronze-blond hair, this Jewess is a well-marked T/III specimen of her race.