Type III/#N133: Cynthia Sarah Baskin

Baskin, Cynthia Sarah - Jewess, ns2Baskin, Cynthia Sarah - Jewess, ns1a Boston-area Tribal, Cynthia Sarah self-identified as a Jew when submitting her pix to the original Seductive Jewess site. Though her facial features are somewhat cryptic, we didn’t argue, in view of the Baskin’s (race-typical) big tits and dramatic, oversized nipples. Her motives in making such a submission remain obscure since TSJ is, after all, not a particularly Jew-friendly site. Perhaps this Sarah is simply a race-realist. In which connection see also a) the confessional, anti-Jewish comment by Jewess “Karen” at TSJ3, now reproduced in the TSJ4 Home Page comment thread; b) Mad Jewess’s anti-Jewish remarks (via TSJ1) in the “Paired Comparisons” page thread; c) Jewess Tager, Marilyn Sarah’s page (Type IV/#F53), which documents her sharply anti-Jewish attitude; and d) the Home Page material on one “Slomin, Elizebieta Sarah”, a “17-yeard old Jewess” who, in 1942 Poland, “turned herself in and requested to be shot” …and her attitude of calm self-fulfillment while standing naked at the execution pit.