Type III/#N131: Mila Sarah Avital

Avital, Mila Sarah - Jewess, ID & bio
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Avital, Mila Sarah 01

Avital, Mila Sarah 03currently active Jew actress, born in Zionist-occupied Palestine then reverse-aliyah’d to Zionist-controlled America, but returns frequently to Palestine….and so, like 2,000,000+ such kosher back-and-forthers, keeping Israhell’s official Jewish demography (“6,000,000″…that fake#, yet again) artificially inflated, and the USA firmly controlled by Zion-in-America. Physically, Mila Sarah is difficult to catagorize…an obviously racial physiognomy in some of her shots, in others, rather less so; so we’ll type the Avital as a high-number “III” for the time being