Type III/#M124: Peaches Sarah Geldof

Geldof, Peaches Sarah 01correct me if wrong, but I believe this is/was the daughter of rock-impresario Bob Geldof, he who during the 1980’s organized various concerts aimed at “relieving the famine in Ethiopia”, most of whose proceeds went, of course, straight into the deep pockets of the local communist regime. Alas, poor Peaches: she imbibed a few snorts too many of the white powder, and is no longer with us; for a fact, Jews don’t drink much, but they drug like crazy. And for the rest, this is/was a strong TIII specimen: ashkenazic facial features quite well-marked (those lips), but otherwise light-skinned and natural blond. Something about this star-wearing Jewess reminds me of Winehouse, Amy Sarah: what could it be? OhYeah, she’s Jew and dead too…and for the same reason. Self-hate + heroin do not mix well.