Type III/#K109: Marilyn Sarah Waltz, alias “Margaret Scott”


Waltz, Marilyn Sarah - w txtWaltz, Marilyn Sarah - txtthe Waltz shows discernible – esp. the wolfish lips and prominent nipples – but overall somewhat attenuated ethno-features, as befits a TIII Jewess. It may even be a natural blond. Marilyn Sarah is also powerful early testimony to the thoroughgoing Jewishness of the Playboy porn-wedge: centerfold nude not once, but three times: February 1954 alias “Margaret Scott” (photo via J. Baumgarth, a Jewish agency) and then, under own racial name, April 1954/55. This would be 47 years before various gaslighting kosher media proclaimed Lindsey Sarah Vuolo (September, 2001) as PB’s “first Jewish centerfold”…with more than 100 other raw Tribal femmes in the interim

Waltz, Marilyn Sarah 03Waltz, Marilyn Sarah 04