Type III/#i85: Betty Sarah Perske, alias “Lauren Bacall”

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Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lauren Bacall', wiki 2
Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lauren Bacall', wiki 3
Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, ns2, alias 'Lauren Bacall' - HB cover

Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lauren Bacall', HB cover 03
Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lauren Bacall', wiki 4
Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, ns62, alias 'Lauren Bacall',
Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lauren Bacall' ns54
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Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lauren Bacall', ns61

Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, ns63 - alias 'Lauren Bacall'born into the usual Jewish nexus of wealth and privilege, much as indicated in the wiki material, the Perske-alias-Bacall parlayed these advantages plus numerous other kosher connections into a a long-but-gradually-faded Hollywood career. One unmentioned detail: the kosher casting couch. Through which, by bedding (and being bedded by) Howard Hawks, she got her iconic role in “The Big Sleep”. During this early film-noir phase, roughly mid-1940’s through mid-1950’s, Perske’s narrow but sharply-focused femme fatale characterizations (entirely in accord with her own genetic Jewishness) and her marriage to Humphrey Bogart led to considerable fame and fortune; but after Bogart’s death, an attempt to widen her acting range met with only limited success. And all the while, of course, in strict Tribal lock-step, she actively participated in the usual NY-Hollywood Jew politics: half-Red/half-Zionist; that is, Judeo-communism for America, Zionist racial nationalism for Palestine. In physical terms, Perske-alias-Bacall’s Jewishness is equally evident; though non-buxom (somewhat unusual, when both parents are Jews), her facial features – particularly the lips and eyes – are visibly ethnic, as is the perpetually sly, sultry, coolly-seductive expressive behavior. One further remark: there is some great female acting in “The Big Sleep”…but not by the Jewess, whose romantic sparks with Bogart required no acting at all.  Check out Dorothy Malone’s bit part (the bookstore sales-girl)…played to the hilt by an actress with 10 times Perske-alias-Bacall’s skills, but who, lacking the Jewish connections (and unwilling to submit to the kcc), never had 1/10th the success. And then there’s Sonia Paskowitz-alias-Sonia Darrin – that’s right, another Jew – playing Arthur Geiger’s employee and gunsel Elisha Cooke’s girlfriend, whose performance also sizzles. No question, I gotta get a DVD of this flick…Bogart’s line, “She tried to sit in my lap, when I was standing up” keeps running through my mind…