Type III/#H75: Donna Sarah Frank

Frank, Donna Sarah 03

Frank, Donna Sarah ID

Frank, Donna - 05

Frank, Donna Sarah 01

A seductive, kosher “voice for hire”, Donna Sarah has intensely ethnic facial features, really an admixture of Types I and III, and could be either. Mass media…one of the 3 main, mutually-reinforcing keys to the current, overwhelming JewPower in North America and Western Europe; other 2 being control of the Central Bank (Federal Reserve, Banque Nationale de France, Deutsche Bank, etc.) with related debt & financialization rackets that buy off the non-Jewish political class, + infestation and control of the Law Schools & legal system which groom and further fence-in the shabbatz goy politicians/apparatchiks. The Harvard Mandarinate being an outstanding contemporary example.