Type III/#G69: Elaine Sarah Atlas

Atlas, Elaine Sarah - Jewess, ns2full, everted lips, heavy, pendulous tits, and frizzy hair nicely define Elaine Sarah’s general, external Jewishness; Type III via the light pigmentation of the Jewess’s skin and nipples. And psychologically, as so often seen in these studies, the kosher nude shamelessly exposes her outward, physical-sexual Jewisness while looking inward, contemplating the subversive contours of her mental Jewishness. ¬†Another shot (3/28/17) of this remarkably racked Jewess who, upon reflection, may be more sephardic than ashkenaz; though they tend to dislike each other, these two Wandering Jewries do sometimes intermarry with interesting, in this case ultra-Jewish, results:

Atlas, Elaine Sarah - Jewess, c name ID