Type III/#F53: Marla Sarah Krein

Krein, Marla Sarah - Jewess, ns5another kosher export from Russia via Zion-in-Palestine, Marla Sarah displays the usual racial rack with somewhat attenuated but still evident Khazarian facial features. No dimunition in Tribal expressive behavior, though: there’s an intense pensive-aversive vector – the Krein is well in-touch with its Inner Jew – and we also like the ethno-signature placement of the sunglasses, as well as the princessy doubled limp wrists, both vectors seen frequently elsewhere in this documentation: e.g., Klein, Barbara Sarah (II/#F56), alias “Barbi Benton”; Baltzer, Anna Sarah (III/#C22); d’Arbo, Chanya Sarah (V/#F53); Feldenkreis, Mayim Sarah (II/#F52); Zigler, Erin Sarah (IV/#G66), etc.