Type III/#C22: Anna Sarah Baltzer

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Baltzer, Anna Sarah - Jewess, ns17

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Baltzer, Anna Sarah - Jewess, ns77
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Baltzer, Anna Sarah - 06

Baltzer, an exotically beautiful Jewess, is also an indefatigable anti-Zionist activist. And prime organizer of the burgeoning Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement against apartheid Israel. Whether Anna Sarah  (real, given name: Anna Judith Piller) understands that all of “Israel” – not only the West Bank and Gaza – is occupied territory remains unclear…though it’s likely that her lack of specificity is a simply a tactical maneuver aimed at recruiting on-the-fence liberal Jews; for a fact, Baltzer also demands Right-of-Return for all currently-exiled Palestinians which would, of course, involve the liquidation of the entire Zionist entity. In any case, as a Universalist Tikkun Olam Jew, she and her HardLeft kosher comrades intend to destroy not only “Israel” but all the (white) Nations. But, unlike most liberal (and neo-con) Jews – for whom Zion-in-Palestine must have secure borders while the White Nations must have no borders – Baltzer is at least not a gaslighting, two-faced hypocrite: cf. this documentation’s pages on diaspora Zionist harridans Brooke Sarah Goldstein, Pam Sarah Gellar, Lalia Sarah Gaufberg, Jodi Sarah Padnick, Diana West et al. In fact she displays considerable courage. For by liquidating the murderous Zionist occupation of Palestine, this Jewess reduces her race’s (and specifically her own) ultimate options to two, the Summit or the Abyss: Jewish dominion over a homogenized humanity…or an eventual naked trip to the execution pit. (For other HardLeft, anti-Zionist Jewesses, see also Mermelstein, Lynn Sarah; Goldberg, Michelle Sarah; Brager, Jenna Sarah; Martin, Abby Sarah; Stein, Susan Sarah; plus others of similar inclinations in this collection, and the Bibliography page, Section I: “Kosher Confessions – anti-Zionist and/or Anti-Jewish Works by Jews and Jewesses”). We must, however, correct Baltzer’s self-description as a “Jewish American”; as a compulsive exponent of the Universalist Tikkun Olam, Anna Sarah has no actual nationality. What it is: a biological Jew…who currently operates in America.

addit., 11/11/16: as per above, here’s the Jewess Baltzer – now bending further leftward while pretending to be “white” – presuming to lecture White Americans on the evils of “White Privilege”:

Baltzer, Anna Sarah - Jewess, as fake-white 02


Baltzer, Anna Sarah - Jewess, as fake-white

Factually, of course,(((Baltzer))) is not White. (((She))) is an ashkenazic Jew. And there has been no “white privilege” in Jew-ruled ‘Murka since the Jew-instigated 1965 white-excluding Immigration Act shortly followed by legalized, Jew-instigated anti-White employment discrimination, alias “Affirmative Action”, and then White-targeted “hate crime” laws. Currently, Whites are “privileged” only to be made an artificial and then exterminable minority (i.e., Palestine’d) in their own country thanks to Jew-instigated open borders ethnic invasions and the White birthrate-killing kosher Culture of Death: Jew-legalized abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism. Altogether, via such mendacious chutzpah, I fear this self-doomed beautiful Jewess may only be digging a large hole for (((herself))) and her race. For the present, a ‘toon found on VoxDay’s Jew-wise site accurately summarizes (((Anna Sarah)))’s current deception and its likely failure:
White Privilege...oy vey

and here’s a couple more recent (21 April 2017) posts from Anna Sarah’s FB page. First the Jewess again dons her fake whiteface in order to deliver yettanother genocidal screed on “White Privilege”:

Baltzer, Anna Sarah - Jewess, FB 22 Apr 2017

(for “racial justice spaces” read: Jew-groomed anti-White entitlement group spaces. And, coming from a Jewess, “anti-racism” means, of course: anti-White)

…then the White mask comes off as (((Baltzer))), now the Ashkenazic Jew, “lights a yahrzeit candle” in remembrance of her holocaust-escaping (((grandma))):

Baltzer, Anna Sarah - Jewess, FB 22 Apr 2017b

As usual with this sort of thing (I’ve read Ida Piller’s book) there are certain narrative problems. The “doors”, for one, weren’t all that closed. In fact Anna Sarah’s (((maternal grandparents))) simply hitchhiked southward from Belgium therough France (at one point flagging a ride with a truckload of friendly German soldiers), and stepped across the border into Spain-then-Portugal. In Lisbon they got visas to the Dominican Republic, and from there to America where they lived happily ever after. Or at least until their grand-daughter, Anna Piller, went universal Tikkun Ola, turned against the Israel Project, and changed her name to “Baltzer” in a failed effort to prevent the rest of the family from finding out about it. As for that rude and thoughtless man Adolf Hitler invading Belgium AND “on my grandparents’ wedding night”…..no amount of condemnation will suffice.  

et enfin, here’s a little icing on the cake: Anna the Jewess’s gingerbread house in a (needless to say) all-White suburb of St. Louis, Missouri:

Baltzer, Anna Sarah - res. in suburb of St. Louis MO

note BLM sign next to porch. Less a representation of  the Baltzer’s bolshevik politics than race-riot insurance: in case some of the urban vibrant diversity ever spills over into her neighborhood with rapine and murder in mind.