Type III/#B15: Sharon Sarah Zukin

a radical Marxist graduate student in poli sci at Columbia University during the early 1970’s, the Jewess Zukin wrote her PhD. thesis on the so-called “Workers’ Councils” in then-communist Yugoslavia, portraying these institutions of totalitarian control as “genuine Democracy”. Sharon Sarah also moonlit as a nude dancer and model, and expressed her kosher cultural sensitivities in this lovely shot…using the Christian Cross as a sexual toy, fondling it between her heavy, pendulous Jewtits:

Zukin, Sharon Sarah 01

NB: for similar, intensely antiChrist sentiments expressed by other racial Jewesses in this collection, cf. Silverman, Sarah Sarah (Type I/#L111: “I’m glad we killed Christ. I’d do it again. I’d do it again in a fuckin’ minute”) and Makovsky, Sophie Sarah, alias “April O’Neil” ( Type I/#H78: “Happy Easter….Christ is cumin’, open your mouth”). While both branches of contemporary Christianity now love and adore the Jew, the Jews themselves retain their savage traditional attitude toward Christ and White Christians: mortal hatred.