Type III/#B13: Naomi Sarah Terushkin

Terushkin, Naomi Satah 01

Terushkin, Naomi Sarah 02

with her nearly albino skin and heavy, red-brown tresses, Naomi Sarah is a definitive Type III Jewess. Unusual, actually, to find this sort of thing so close to the original, central Asian genetic source of Ashkenazic Jewry; much more commonly encountered, for instance, in the Williamsburg, NY, Hasidic community. At any rate, she’s mid-30’s and husband-hunting. Actually, this subtly-buxom Jewess is looking for a quick matrimonial exit from the eastern Ukraine, now embattled and bloody thanks to the Zionist/U.S. – neocon coup d’├ętat of April 2014. And, this accomplished, will quickly divorce her victim then wander off with the house, the money, the car, and the dog