Type III/#A8: Yaffa Sarah Levan

Levan, Yaffa Sarah ns1 001

Levan, Yaffa Sarah ns2 001

Levan, Yaffa Sarah ns3 001

Levan, Yaffa Sarah ns4 001

Levan, Yaffa Sarah - disrobing for her mikveh

with her natural, bronze-blond hair and partly-assimilated facial features, it’s clear that one or more of Yaffa Sarah’s ancestors seduced some Anglo-Saxon genes into the Tribal pool. Her most obvious Khazar aspects are the dark, prominent nipples, luxuriant sexual hair, and an intense version of the usual Chosen People introspection…very evident in the full-frontal assault just above. In fact, were she standing at the execution pit, naked and resigned, her attitude and body carriage might well be identical. Fortunately this Wandering Jew – “from Haifa to Hollywood” – appeared under her own name (Penthouse, April 1974) with confessional text conveying much additional information about her self-identified Jewishness and Kosher Culture of Death values.