Type III/#A7: Limor Sarah Blokman

Blokman, Limor Sarah 05

Blokman, Limor Sarah 08

Blokman, Limor Sarah 07

archetypal Jewshot 91 - Limor Sarah Blokmanvoluptuous Limor Sarah, a self-advertised “sexologist” operating out of the Las Vegas Jew-colony, is one of several million “ex”-Zionists who have reverse-aliyah’d from Zionist-occupied Palestine to the greener pastures of Zion-controlled America. And are, nonetheless, still carried among the “more than 8 million Jews” (Hadassah Magazine, August/September 2014, p. 11) whom Zion claims currently “live in Israel”. In fact 8 million would be about the total population of Palestine, more than half of whom are Arabs. Not Jews. Sharp, Khazar facial features on this Jewess, not to mention the racial rack, but the Blokman’s natural blond hair and very light complexion make of a type III specimen:

Blokman, Limor Sarah - repl. shot