Type III/#A4: Judith Sarah Sauls, alias “Lee Meredith”

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Sauls, Judith Sarah - reflecting on her Jewishness

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Judy Sarah, a member of the Hollywood-NY Jewish set, had several movie roles during the 1970’s-80’s as well as occasional TV appearances. She also performed – essentially, as a beautiful Jewess dancing in the nude – for her co-ethnics along the “Borscht Belt” (Grossinger’s Lodge, The Pines, The Nevele, Brown’s, The Concord, etc.) NY-Pennsylvania summer resort circuit:

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Borscht Belt

Still seeking a full-frontal shot of this natural-blond, light-complexioned, big-breasted Jewess – documented here rehearsing her full-nude act at The Pines – but, seen from backstage, she’s definitely got other…visible…assets. Though for a fact, it’s not the Saul’s naked ass or her racial rack that activated this researcher’s Jewdar, but the facial profile..it’s subtle, though. May re-categorize this Jewess as a Type IV…

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