Type II/#i85: Louise Sarah Geltwasser

Geltwasser, Louise Sarah - echt TII Jewesswhile on a futile search for more pix of Patti Sarah Moses (II/#V210), found this c. 1900 vintage Jewess @ Pinterest. Ashkenazic facial features are very obvious, and note as well the heavy eyebrows. But it’s the intensely inward, pensive, Chosen People psychological vector that impresses even more. Not sure whether this one was part of the great 1880’s-WW I influx of German and other central European Jews to the U.S. (cf. Orenstein, Beatrice Sarah [II/#R172]; Heifetz, Flora Sarah [II/#N138]; etc.) or whether the photo was taken in Deutschland. Circa 1900 (with reference to the dominant position of organized Jewry in America today), the German Jews too were riding high, controlling finance, media, law, universities, the professions, then as now; in fact the last “antisemitic” political party in Germany went out-of-business in 1912. But, 20 years later, c. 1933, the worm had turned…and another decade on, many a wealthy, elegant European Jewess like Louise Sarah found herself deported to Kovno, Vilna, Minsk and, shortly thereafter, standing naked at the execution pit.