Type II/#i84: Theo Sarah Heckscher

Heckscher, Theo Sarah - Jewess, ns1well-tanned Theo(dora) Sarah, seen here on the Tel Aviv beach, strikes an imposing pose. Classic femmeJew physique here – big tits on slender frame – and, though the facial features are obscured, she is (by euroJew name only) a Type II specimen of her race. Altogether, the Hecksher strikes me as an aggressive Zionist bitter-ender: unlike c. 3,000,000 ex-“Israelis” currently camped out in the USA, no reverse-aliyah to ‘Murika for her. When the Palestinians finally regain their Jew-harrowed land, she and the rest of her murderous ilk are likely destined for a quick trip to the execution pit.