Type II/#G61: Sariyah Sarah Idan

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part of the movement of younger Jews away from Holocaustianity/Israel, and back toward their traditional Judaic/Universalist-collectivist Tikkun Olam, Sariyah Sarah recently completed her reverse Aliyah from Zionist-occupied Palestine to Zionist-controlled America, and records songs pushing the current radical kosher memes: “equal rights for all”, “Black Lives Matter”, “climate change”, “economic equality”, “White Privilege”, and etc. However, people (as individuals and races) are inherently un-equal, and the only way to egalize them is at gunpoint, i.e., the Judeo-communist racket during which – in Red Russia alone – c. 70,000,000 people were murdered by the 1918-53 Jewish Regime. It’s useful to know, though, that Idan and her kosher ilk are going to “avoid the mistakes of the past”. Which means, this time around, the globalist-collectivist Jews intend to kill people by the billions – including all the Whites – instead of mere millions. And along the way, needless to say, the Jews have no intention of giving up their own – actually quite extreme – Privilege and wealth. As to Idan’s oppositi0n to the notion of the Jewess as a “sexual-exotic other”, it’s nonetheless evident that this particular seductive Jewess  is not above throwing a few curves to advance the Cause:

Idan, Sariyah Sarah - Urban American Jewess 02other anti-Israel,  Universalist Tikkun Olam (i.e. Red/collectivist) Jewesses in this documentation: Baltzer, Anna Sarah; Brager, Jenna Sarah; Mermelstein, Lynn Sarah; Martin, Abby Sarah; Stein, Susan Sarah; Huberman, Deborah Sarah; Kahane, Whitney Sarah; etc.