Type II/#F51: Hila Sarah Hershkoviz

Hershkoviz, Hila Sarah - race realist Jewess

Hershkoviz, Hila Sarah 02

what with accelerating Jew-globalist instigated open borders insourcing of hostile, non-White populations in both North America and Western Europe, plus the Kosher Culture of Death-induced collapse of the White birthrate, the Jews are feeling increasingly confident that they can dispose of  the Nordic/AngloSaxon race and its individualist civilization altogether within just a few decades….and proceed from there to the ultimate Tikkun Olam: ending the “Time of Nations” and securing a Universal Jewish Dominion over the rest of humankind. For a fact, due to the Jews and their machinations, American Whites will by the mid-2020’s be a minority in their own country, facing an increasingly hostile (via incessant Jewish MSM anti-White propaganda) coalition of Blacks, Browns, Asiatics, and Muslims run by lethally hostile Jews. Accordingly, with Whites so clearly targeted, Jews are now dropping the ethnic camouflage and no longer pretending to be “European” or “White”.  And admitting to what they are: savage, out-of-Asia, high-IQ collectivists. Thanks, Hila Sarah, for clarifying the racial battlelines in what promises to be – one way or the other – a war of extermination: either the Jews will triumph and the Whites will perish, or the Whites will triumph and the Jews will perish