Type II/#D38: Melissa Sarah Kushner

Kushner, Melissa Sarah - Jewess, w ID
Kushner, Meliss Sarah 01

Kushner, Melissa Sarah 02

Kushner, Melissa sarah 03
Kushner, Melissa Sarah 04

Kushner, Melissa Sarah 05

a few pix of this fairly well-marked Jewess – a current/recent kosher co-ed @ U. Maryland – still drifting around the interwebs. Facial features do show some assimilation, but still (esp. the Nose) create a solid blip on any well-tuned Jewdar, plus the usual big tits and cool, shameless Tribal sensuality. We particularly like the shot just above, as Melissa Sarah throws some soft and eminently hittable curves. And this even more intimate study of her buxom, big-nippled racial-sexual anatomy:

Kushner, Melissa Sarah 06