Type II/#C28: Dayle Sarah Haddon


Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jew IDHaddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess w Rabbi in the family

Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess, ns7

Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess, ns6

Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess, ns5









Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess, ns4


Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess, ns3Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess, ns2Haddon, a Jewess out of Canada with a Rabbi in the family, had roles – usually minus clothes at some point – in numerous Eurotrash flicks and, with her “exotic”, i.e. Jewish facial features (plus the usual kosher connections) did a a lot of modeling and cosmetics advertising as well. Despite the slim figure, there’s no denying that some of her pix radiate maximum racial heat. As directly above, where the Jewess-sans-panties and wearing only forelocks and a (Russian) blouse is nude below the waist while striding across an open field…a sartorial and scenic arrangement which has a wonderful synchronicity with certain erotic dramas (see Homepage) enacted by many a desperate, doomed Jewess throughout the liberated areas of the Red Empire during 1941-42. And below, where the naked, heavy-haired Jewess clings with equal desperation to her seducee:

Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess, ns1