Type II/#B19: Michelle Sarah Goldberg

Goldberg, Michelle Sarah - hating on YT
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Goldberg, Michelle Sarah - Jewface

Goldberg, Michelle Sarah - txtGoldberg, Michell Sarah 07close facial study of this Red Jewess, with a common People of the Book racial coding. In connection with the Goldberg’s collectivist and anti-White politics, some of the individual titles are also indicative. At left, “Gellhorn” is a bio of communist-dupe Ernest Hemigway’s Jew-communist wife/controller, Martha Sarah Gellhorn. Just above the Jewess’s head, a bio of the (sephardic Jew) communist Castro brothers blood-spattered chief enforcer, Che Guavera. And at right a communist tract by RedJew Victor Navasky. Navasky is an editor at The Nation magazine, owned by the multi-millionaire communist Hollywood trust-fund princess Katerina Stein-alias-vanden Heuvel. On this Jewess, see Type II/#F58.