Type II/#A7: Cleo Sarah Cohen

Cohen, Cleo Sarah - txt 001

Cohen, Cleo Sarah - txt2 001Cohen, Cleo Sarah - Jewess, ns1

a Jewish girl who appeared nude in Escapade (June, 1976, there accompanied by an extremely Tribal text), and a few other mid 70’s skinmags. Above, in a classic Jewshot, young Cleo Sarah is an exquisite study in both naked racial sensuality and pensive, Chosen People inwardness. Note also that frequently seen, elegant, spider-like positioning of an appendage, here, the right hand (and below, the left) indicating as well a certain race-typical (guilt-driven) tension…

Cohen, Cleo Sarah - Jewess, ns2

and two later studies, both very much in the same Talmudic mental world:

Cohen, Cleo Sarah - Jewess, ns3

Cohen, Cleo Sarah - Jewess, ns4