Type I/#i83: Nina Sarah Kletzki

Kletzki, Nina Sarah - Jewess, ns1the Khazar is strong in this one. Nina Sarah’s sharp, acquiline facial features are pure, genetic ashkenaz, nose, lips, cheekbones, the complete kosher package. And her expressive behavior – head turned away, eyes swiveled back toward – is also echt Jewish: sly, seductive, and calculating. Anything else? Let me see…hmmmmmm….what could it be…(consults Jewdar and Jewmeter, both of which continue to buzz angrily, with red “overload” warning lights)… …yes! Thazzzit! An stunning pair of ¬†heavy Jewtits, the racial rack to the nth degree, aggressively displayed, and hung on a very slender frame. I fear this is all we’re going to see of the (((Kletzki))), but we’ll keep a sharp eye out for any other pix.¬†