Type I/#i81: Barbra Sarah Streisand

Streisand, Barbra Sarah - Jewess, young facial
Streisand, Barbra Sarah PB cover
Streisand, Barbra Sarah - Jewess, ns2
Streisand, Barbra Sarah 03
Streisand, Barbra Sarah - Jewess, ns1a noisy Hollywood chanteuse and sometime actress, la Streisand demonstrates in high relief the kosher politics of (((Tinseltown))): hardLeft on every issue – economic bolshevism, kosher Culture of Death (abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminist), and open-borders anti-White genocide – except, when it comes to the care-and-feeding of Israel-in-Palestine, a sudden zig to the racial nationalist Right. For Jews, of course. And for the Jews’ pet Blacks, Mexican invasives, and etc. But not for Whites. In short, using White America to keep Yizroel on the map…while destroying American Whites. The above photographs also put Barbara Sarah’s racial Jewishness in high relief, especially about the lips and nose. Note also how, as with certain other prominent Jewesses in this documentation (cf. Steinem, Gloria Sarah and Ginsburg, Ruth Sarah), the physiognomic Jewishness becomes even more evident with age.