Type I/#H77: Elena Sarah Schoenthal

Schoenthal, Elena Sarah 01Elena Sarah, a harsh-featured “American” Jewess seen here at an “Israel Day” parade, is part of the Miami Beach kosher colony. It’s evident, though, that – while living in the USA – this buxom Khazar’s loyalties lie elsewhere. America: Zion’s bitch, a tool which the Jews use to keep Israel on the map – as a hedge, in case politics in America ever take a certain “European” turn – while gradually (see: open borders + Hollywood/NY-mediated anti-repro Kosher Culture of Death) erasing America from the map and liquidating the White population. Which, by the mid-2020’s will be a besieged minority in its own country, facing a malignant majority coalition of Blacks, Browns, and Asians controlled by lethally-hostile Jews. And why? Because the Jews don’t intend to be ghetto’d or pogrom’d or holocaust’d…Ever…Again. All – given the well-known Tribal persecution narrative – very understandable. But also now a Zero Sum game: if the Jews survive and prosper, the Whites and their civilization are doomed. And if the Whites are to survive at all, the Jewish Power must be broken. Irrevocably