Type I/#D33: Devin Sarah Brugman

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Brugman, Devin Sarah 05 - via 4Chan Jewthread

Brugman, Devin Sarah 01 - via 4Chan Jewthread

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Brugman, Devin Sarah 28Brugman, Devin Sarah 04 - via 4Chan Jewthread

Brugman, a bikini-modeling Jewess who wanders between the Hollywood and Miami Beach Jew-colonies, was initially ID’d as such in the 4Chan JewThread. She appears in numerous ‘net galleries, and most of her early shots were taken at various, recognizable SoCal beaches where rich Jews congregate: Santa Monica, Malibu, and Santa Barbara. Devin Sarah has strongly-marked Khazar facial features, a definite, dusky undertone to her skin, silken, exquisitely-curved inner thighs – “runner’s legs”, and we would indeed like to see this Jewess running in the nude – and the usual, impressive racial rack well and frequently displayed. Though intimately in touch with her Inner Jew – an evasive, pensive sensuality is much in evidence – the Brugman also shows a more positive valence in some of her shots and, overall, a wider emotional range than is typical of the generally guilt-burdened femmeJew

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