Type I/#C24: Helene Sarah Moscovitz, alias “Cara Loren”

Moscowitz ns 1 alias Cara Loren

Moscovitz, Helene Sarah ns3

Moscovitz, Helene Sarah ns2

Helene Sarah, an occasional late 1960’s pinup model under assorted aliases, also exhibited her Khazar-faced, high-breasted Jewishness in Frolic (April, 1973) and a few other third-echelon, early 1970’s skinmags. The ultra-Jewy low-angle shot above, with the Jewess’s big-nippled tits framing her ashkenazic face, is really quite striking…as is this curvaceous, color pose from the Moscovitz’ Boobpedia page, where she appears as “Cara Peters”:

Moscovitz, Helene Sarah ns4and, finally, the Jewess captured in a several race-typical moments of pensive inwardness:

Moscowitz, Helen Sarah - Jewess, ns6














Moscowitz, Helen Sarah - Jewess, ns 7, alias 'Cara Loren'




Moscowitz, Helen Sarah - Jewess, ns4