Type I/#C20: Sally Sarah Sheffield

Sheffield, Sally Sarah - Jewess, ns12
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Sally Sarah…reflecting on her Jewishness


Sheffield, Sally Sarah - Jewess, ns7Sheffield, Sally Sarah -restored CF

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daughter of a wealthy NYC loan shark, a.k.a. pawnbroker, Sally Sarah displayed her nude body in the May, 1969, Playboy centerfold layout. Accompanying text makes much of an already obvious Jewishness – sojourn on a kibbutz in Zionist-occupied Palestine, fluency in Hebrew, etc.  – and her local activities involving expensive horses, music, and the usual, lucrative Tribal connections into a largely Jew-owned, Jew-controlled, and Jew-staffed mass media. Physically, Sheffield shows well-marked Khazar facial features, especially the “sloe-eyes”, high, sharp cheekbones, and tits of a certain size with big, dark, prominent nipples. We also like the Jewess’s expressive behavior: a rather cool, sly sensuality which bears comparison to that displayed by  younger sister Anita Sarah (I/#G64) in subsequent pornographic exposure. Finally, according to lensman Pompeo Posar and evident in some of these pictures, the Sheffield was – naturally, out-of-wedlock – 2 months pregnant during her shooting. Other nude, pregnant Jewesses documented in this study: Chait-Morris, Claire Sarah; Monteux, Helène Sarah; Rinna, Lisa Sarah; Rakovsky, Margo Sarah; Brenner, Rebecca Sarah; Schore, Alexia Sarah; etc.

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